Update 2.3.0 - Dark Agartha

Something terrible has happened in the World Tree. Something claws, something eats. All is eaten, all is eating. Madness lies at the end of the world.

Dark Agartha is now open.

We stand at the end of all. Chaos and darkness reign, the ravaged remains of Gaia now infested with extradimensional interlopers known only as The Wandering Others. Something, or someone, has called upon you to enter this timeline and race to the end. At what cost, or for what reason, is unknown. It’s up to you to discover the truth.

Dark Agartha is accessible once you reach Level 50. To begin your expeditions, visit a Bounty Board in regular Agartha to be assigned a mission that guides you to the entrance.

Dark Agartha is designed to challenge a player's skill and ability to adapt in an ever-changing world. A unique timed boss gauntlet of 5 bosses and a default time of 17 minutes, Dark Agartha changes every day to provide new challenges to the bees who trek into its time-stream.

It costs 7 AP and 15 SP to attune yourself to a Dark Agartha and begin the fights within, but the rewards are well worth the sacrifice. Through Dark Agartha, it is possible to earn Elaborate Glyph Fragments, which 300 combined form an Elaborate Glyph Imbuer, allowing glyphs to go from the 3-pip Intricate to the 4-pip Elaborate!

Your first complete run of Dark Agartha will give a full Elaborate Glyph Imbuer free! In addition, the first run you ever run has the cost of AP and SP waived!

Additionally for the 2.3.0 patch, Item Power calculation has been fixed from a previously unnoticed bug. Pips now affect Item Power, with lower pip counts giving lower Item Power. Despite the calculation changes, your actual damage remains as it was and has not been nerfed, nor will you lose any Elite difficulty access should the changes place you below a necessary IP threshold you previously met.

For more information given by Funcom, see the official Dark Agartha Deep Dive and the 2.3.0 Patch Notes!

A TSWDB in-depth guide of Dark Agartha itself is in-progress and will be coming out in the future! Information concerning the various modules and bosses will be available as soon as possible!

The Dark Agartha Legend is complete and available in its entirety to read! Learn the truth, sweetlings!

Dark Agartha was originally hinted at over the last month with a long story chain known as The Conquistador involving Jerónimo de Montejo within the Agent Network!

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