Valentine's Day 2019

Love is in the air of the Secret World! Can you feel it, sweetlings?

Secret World Legends' Valentine's Day event is here! From 8 February 2019 to 15 February 2019 and now extended to the 19th, Valentine's Day is a time of love and commercialism rolled all into one.

During Valentine's Day, players can not only purchase a series of seasonally appropriate cosmetics from the Dressing Room, all marked with a big red heart icon, but they can also buy Bags of Saint Valentinus and other items from the Tree Tender in Agartha (560,180) for Third Age Fragments!

Bags of Saint Valentinus, when used, gift the user and up to 10 surrounding players with unique Valentine goodies. When you spread the love with your first Bag of Saint Valentinus, you receive the title "Cupid's Accomplice", too! Those struck for the first time by another's Bag will gain the appropriately named title, "Love Struck".

All characters received a Bag of Saint Valentinus in their /delivereditems on the 7th as a prelude for the event. The free Bag exists in /delivereditems for only five days - if not claimed before that time, the free bag will vanish!

For complete information on what Valentine's Day entails for the Secret World, check out our Valentine's Day Event Guide!

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