Valentine's Day 2021

Secret World Legends' Valentine's Day and Rosenbrawl Open event is here for the 2021 season of love! Originally from 10 February 2021 through 24 February 2021 and extended to 1 March 2021, you too can show your love for others with gifts, friendship, and the power of punching... romantically.

Rosenbrawl & Valentine's shenanigans return tomorrow, February 10th through February 24th! Expect Rosenbrawl, Isabel's mission, the MYSTERIOUS MASKED PERSON, and some goodies on sale

During Valentine's Day, players can not only purchase a series of seasonally appropriate cosmetics from the Dressing Room, all of which are marked with a big red heart icon, but they can also buy Bags of Saint Valentinus and other items from the Tree Tender in Agartha (560,180) for Third Age Fragments!

Bags of Saint Valentinus, when used, gift the user and up to 10 surrounding players with unique Valentine goodies. When you spread the love with your first Bag of Saint Valentinus, you receive the title "Cupid's Accomplice", too! Those struck for the first time by another's Bag will gain the appropriately named title, "Love Struck".

Valentine's Day also marks the Rosenbrawl Open Week, where all players Level 15 and above who log in during the event will receive an invite to the secretive fight club known as the Rosenbrawl! This will unlock the attunement mission The Rosenbrawl, which when completed will allow permanent access to the Rosenbrawl! From there, sweetlings can flex their investigative wings through a special mission chain beginning with an Investigation Mission A Match Made in Rosenbrawl and culminating with a repeatable and unique boss encounter in the form of A Friendly Competition. These missions mark the first time Valentine's Day has had any mission components in the entirety of Secret World history. Not only that, but they reward the only buffing food item in Secret World Legends: Romantic Cake!

The special encounter in A Friendly Competition rewards a major loot chest every 8 hours. Chests opened while on cooldown for the loot will award a reduced amount of loot; however, they require no keys and can be opened as often as desired. The behavior of this special chest is the very same as that of a raid reward chest. Prepare for the deluge of distillates and go out there and fight!

Alongside the Valentine's Day event is a sale on thematically appropriate cosmetic and upgrade items, so you can look the part while making the most out of the sudden spree of gear XP the Valentine's Day event brings! Why not see the list of items, their prices, and all information on what the Valentine's Day 2021 Sale entails?

Don't forget to check out the 2021 Valentine's Day official announcement on the Secret World Legends Website or Funcom Forums.

Let us show you the delights and sights of the Valentine's Day and Rosenbrawl Open Week with our lovingly-crafted Valentine's Day Event Guide!

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