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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Rohmani signal - RECEIVE - initiate Paştele Blajinilor - HAND IN HAND, WITH FAIRY GRACE, WILL WE SING AND BLESS THIS PLACE - illumine the Local Legends of Transylvania - WITNESS - The Blajini.

They are called "the Kindly Ones". Look, sweetling! There in the Shadowy Forest. Tiny humanoids. Rodent faces. At turns shy, hard working, and in harmony with nature. Kindness and humility give way to mischief. Small objects vanish. Children and dogs are spooked. Such mischief is never malicious, a part of the Blajini culture, serving a greater goal. We have seen it. We have seen the Kindly Ones use their magical trickery to feed the poor, help the sick, and save human boys and girls from the clutches of monsters.

They are unpredictable, the Blajini, but they aid those who deserve it, those who have been kind to them. Thus, the people of the villages know to treat the Kindly Ones with respect. They know to leave plates of food out for the little folk.

When wicked forces invaded the sacred forest, families of Blajini sought refuge in the village. They want their homes back. They abhor war, but are willing to help those who will help them fight back.

The Kindly Ones know old magic, and this has served them in surviving these dark days. Their arts are connected to nature, to growing things, to cleanse water, and to enact illusions, tricks, and chicanery.

Blajini #1 Details 1080,1005 The Besieged Farmlands

The Besieged Farmlands 1080,1005

Behind some logs in a shed beside the Blajini Petru's RV.

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Blajini #2 Details 1145,700 The Besieged Farmlands

The Besieged Farmlands 1145,700

In the cave above Harbabaruşti Falls. It can be accessed from the path south of the Olaru Farm that leads into thew Eastern edge of the map.

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Blajini #3 Details Instanced The Shadowy Forest

The Shadowy Forest Instanced

In the Dimir Farm Cellar in the room labeled '2' on the left of the levers on Tier 3 of The Cellar Door. Hit the middle lever to open this door. Requires Mission: The Cellar Door.

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