The Host

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the titan signal - RECEIVE - initiate Enochian lexicon - FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT, PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER - initiate the Grigori syntax - FOR LONG DISTANCE CALLS, EXTRA FEES MAY APPLY - initiate the Watcher prerogative - A BROKEN SMILE BENEATH HER WHISPERED WINGS - initiate the Nephilim manifesto - WITNESS - The Host.

See the immaculate machine weep. Initiate distress beacon. The builders! We call upon their secret names. Human children hear our cries in their sleeping minds, and then make angels in the snow - pictographic signals aimed at the sky.

The Host #1 Details Automatic Dreaming Prison

Dreaming Prison Automatic

Received Automatically upon exiting the Dreaming Prison at the end of Mortal Sins.

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