Anniversary 2019 Discounts

A selection of delightfuly sweet things are on a steep sale from June 26th 2019 to the end of the Anniversary Event on July 10th 2019! Specific Boosts and Upgrades such as Catalysts, Imbuers, Agent Boosters, and AP and SP are on sale for 30%-50% off, while a variety of cosmetics from clothing, sprints, pets, and even emotes are 70%-80%

The following baubles and goodies are on deep discount from now until the end of the anniversary!

Some highly coveted cosmetics on sale include all Wings of the Alter Ego, the Droid Arm and Mr Ruffles weapon skins, all 'gold' weapon skins including the Glamour Hammer despite it not being golden, the Bingo Blast and Wave (Magic) emotes, and even the new Arcane Arrows and Ghost Runner Sprints! These all are on heavy discount while the sale lasts, so get your aurum ready!

Please see the official post regarding the Anniversary Sale for a full list of every item involved!

As always, everything on sale will have a sale sticker icon in their respective UIs to help distinguish them.

Treat yourselves, sweetlings!

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