Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2021

The equinox draws near as spring begins to bloom. The Envoys of Avalon embark for the Hollow Earth! In this rare venture out of Avalon, the Druids beseech any Secret Worlders to help them prepare for potential Occult Disaster.

The Envoys of Avalon are in Agartha from March 17 through March 31 to April 1 at 9 AM EDT. During the duration of the event, all Agent Booster: Druids of Avalon items are 35% off, as well!

Their main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, stands tall by the Seed of Life within the Hollowed Halls of the World Tree (565,190) and seeks those willing sweetlings. Speak to him to begin the seasonal mission The Equinox and head into Occult Defence scenarios.

The Equinox is upon us once more! From March 17 to April 1, the elusive Druids of Avalon mark their return to Agartha. Seek them out and get to hammering Stonehenge!

All content and rewards from prior equinoxes are present in the 2021 Vernal Equinox. This includes Vernal Daily Login Rewards for all 14 days of the event, marking only the second equinox to have seasonal daily login rewards. 2021 Vernal Equinox Daily Login Rewards of note include Dense Stabilizing Tachyons, a Synergizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+50%), a legendary quality Purifying Glyph Empowerment Catalyst, a Signet Fusion Catalyst, a Weapon Fusion Catalyst, and an Agent exclusive to the Envoys of Avalon: Agent Dossier: Diviciacus.

For those who have Diviciacus' Agent Dossier from the 2020 Vernal Equinox, claiming the associated Daily Login Reward will instead grant Special Agent Dossier: Diviciacus. This is the first year the Special Agent Dossier for Diviciacus has been made available. Get that dossier!

With the recent balance pass and the changes it brought as well as the introduction of Patrion Chests, the equinox is a great time to work on equipment. Drown in a deluge of distillates from the Defence!

Not only is it an excellent time to work on leveling gear, but there are plenty of exclusives to grab while the Envoys are around. The Spoils of the Equinox rewarded Fearghas' missions can contain any number of coveted items, including a sprint exclusive to the event: Arcane Gravity.

Use this chance to work on the Envoys of Avalon achievements, but don't worry if you leave any of the Envoys' achievements incomplete - progress persists and the equinox comes twice a year!

For more information on the Agent Network, Boosters, and the Agents themselves, be sure to spy the Agent Network Master Guide and our full-fledged Agent Network section!

Let us shed some light on everything the Druids have to offer during this biannual phenomenon with our Envoys of Avalon event guide. Check there for even more in-depth detail on what the Envoys of Avalon entail and reward, as well as a basic description of the Occult Defence scenario!

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