Return of the Infernal Cache

The Infernal Cache blazes into view! As of 04 August 2023, the Infernal Cache has rotated in and is now dropping! The Anniversary Cache's extended encore for 2023 is over. It's time for hot bee summer!

The Infernal Cache was last seen in active loot rotation in 2019 during the Second Anniversary when all Caches in the game were dropping simultaneously. That's right - the Infernal Cache hasn't been the center of attention for years!

Originally introduced in 2018, the Infernal Cache contains plenty of hot items, including the Inferno's Regalia Outfit, Diabolic Warhorse sprint, Infernal Guardian pet, and Flame-Wreathed Weapons and their Weapon Skins!

Many of the Extraordinary Weapons available in the Infernal Cache have long been considered by many in the community to be hellishly good for certain situations or roles, such as the Rhythmic Blade or the Voltaic Shunt. The Voltaic Shunt in particular is an Elementalism Focus that excels as a Secondary Weapon and provides a sweet Weapon Skin. For those interested in healing, the Infernal Cache is the source of the Orochi Tactical Carbine Assault Rifle, Compendium of Wards Blood Magic Focus, and Surgical Steel Fist Weapon.

For more details on the Infernal Cache itself and the specific mechanics of its devilish delights, see the Infernal Cache section of our Cache page!

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