Samhain 2022

Cats cry and claw the sky while shadows shiver, quiver, and shake; The air quakes as the veil breaks - Samhain is here! Secret World Legends' spookiest of seasons starts at 9 AM EDT on 13 October 2022 and is expected to run through 10 November 2022 and end at 9 AM EDT on 11 November 2022.

The night sky stirs; the stars yawn, the moon smiles. Daylight's all burned away - now, night reigns supreme. May all portents you encounter be auspicioust his Samhain, agents.

Spirits have scried a macabre menagerie of many Cosmetics and Power Items discounted by 50% and 35% respectively for the entire duration of Samhain! Many seasonally exclusive cosmetics have been put on sale for the first time in the history of Samhain, and that's no trick -- it's all a treat!

Starting on 15 October 2022 at 3 AM EDT, there are Seasonal Daily Login Rewards available to claim once per day character each and every day of Samhain! The Sanguine Kitty, imbuers, catalysts, distillates, dense stabilizing tachyons, and even a Polymorphic Glyph Exchanger await!

Samhain 2022 brings with it all prior content from past Samhain celebrations in Secret World Legends: help frazzled felines with The Cat God event in the form of The Meowling, The Cat God, and the Samhain 2017 Legend; investigate insidious airwaves as something strange sounds off into the sky on The Broadcast and the Numbers Station Legend; and fight a fearsome gourd in the form of the phantom Ghost of Jack-O-Lantern hourly boss in the Forgotten Pumpkin Patch every two minutes past the hour in Agartha (550,250). Both The Broadcast and Cat God events are initiated from a phone call from Madame Rogêt and Dave Screed respectively, but can be picked up directly from aforementioned NPCs if need be.

BE AWARE: If you proceed to Tier 3 of The Broadcast without picking up the SMS from Madame Rogêt that triggers the Meowling, then Madame Rogêt's SMS will interfere with Dave Screed's SMS for Tier 3 of the Broadcast. Game Master intervention is required in order to proceed through The Broadcast when it is bugged in this manner.

The Oni War Cache has descended back to the depths of the Hell Dimensions, leaving the Haunted Cache to take its familiar place during Samhain! Check out everything to be found within the Haunted Cache, but be warned: spiders lurk amidst its loot!

Don't be scared – prepare! Shine light on these hallowed nights with our comprehensive and Up-to-Date Samhain Event Guide!

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