Secret World Legends' Third Anniversary

Agartha is abuzz again as jubilations and joy sweep through the hive! Secret World Legends is celebrating its Third Anniversary as Gaia continues to turn! Praise the Immaculate Machine and join your fellow sweetlings for the Anniversary Event from June 25th 2020 to July 16th 2020!

TRANSMIT – initiate the tripled triumph of the triumvirates’ trinity – RECEIVE – initiate nine-point-four-six-one-to the seventh power – PERFECTLY BALANCED, AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE? – as the paradigm shifts – WITNESS – The Third Anniversary!

The Hollow Earth itself is decorated for the whole duration of festivities: piñatas, balloons, and banners aplenty -- oh my! The Stationmaster has much to do and a strange shem shifts in the World Tree... And so Kaspu Nasiru waits.

There are seasonal Daily Login Rewards to claim every day per character, piñatas that can be bashed opened for daily chances at candy or even a baseball bat hammer skin, hourly bosses in the form of the Talos of Gaia, and the ability to face a hate-filled Gatekeeper! Or come face to face with the fabled Beehemoth, if you so dare. As with every year, the Talos of Gaia legend is available solely during the Anniversary, so don't forget to pick up those honey-sweet legends!

Every 2 minutes past the hour, great golems known as Talos appear in an area known as Vibrant Agartha, which can be accessed from a portal (550,250) open for 10 minutes near the Hollowed Halls! Defeat the Talos in a public raid for their Genizot and bee-autiful cosmetic and distillate rewards! Come together to use eleven total Shards of Corruption filled with angst from the Talos' as found within their Genizot to open the Gatekeeper's portal (500,175) to Deep Agartha and face an enraged Gatekeeper in combat - But beware a Gatekeeper overly inundated with rage…

As for the Beehemoth, it is an enormous bee-piñata spawned manually in Agartha in front of the Hollowed Halls and surrounding jump pads (495,240) by Funcom community managers and gamemasters. For those bees who bash the Beehemoth open, the Beehemoth Slayer title awaits. Due to the irregularity and manual nature of the Beehemoth spawn, it is HIGHLY advised that any player who sees a Beehemoth call it out in General Chat as well as any other channels they desire, such as Sanctuary, so that other players can Meet Up and join in the fun!

With every seasonal event, there are seasonal Daily Login Rewards available to claim every day on all characters you may have. The Anniversary Daily Login Rewards for 2020 include the SWL 3rd Anniversary t-shirt in the form of the Anniversary 2020 T-shirt item, distillates, AP and SP, Anima Shards, Talisman and Glyph Imbuers, a Signet Fusion Catalyst, one free Epic Cache Key, and even one free new Polymorphic Glyph Exchanger! The Polymorphic Glyph Exchanger allows conversion of a Glyph of one time into that of another. On top of that, there's a new sprint: the Plan 'Bee' motorcycle! It runs on bees. Luckily not the sort of bees sweetlings are!

Accomapnying the Anniversary is the return of the Anniversary Cache for the duration of the event. Rejoice, sweetlings, for you are finally relieved of the Winter Cache! Find out more about the Anniversary Cache's contents here.

For the duration of the Anniversary, all Imbuers, Catalysts, and Agent Boosters are on sale for 40% off, as well.

For a complete, in-depth look at the Anniversary Event, its various rewards, and all that it entails, please see our Anniversary Event Guide!

Be sure to see the official Funcom announcement for the Anniversary Event.

The community itself has much planned for the Anniversary in the form of the MEGAversary community initiative. The MEGAversary hosts events from June 24th to July 7th 2020. Raffles, RP events, PvE events, PvP events, art contests, and even an Alternate Reality Game are all initiated during the MEGAversary! A list of all MEGAversary events can be found here.

Our particle wings quiver with anticipation for all of the many things for you sweetlings to do!

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