Update 2.3.1 - Occult Defence Group Mode

The Occult Defence Scenario has received another update with 2.3.1! Now players can participate in the Stonehenge simulation with up to four other people!

Take a friend. Or four! Occult Defence is now open to teams of up to 5 agents, with tons of balance changes, tweaks, and even new challenges to face!

You can sign up for the updated Occult Defence mode by going to the Activity Finder (Shift+V) and looking for “Occult Defence -> Multiplayer”

Occult Defence is no longer limited to solo or duo play. Players can queue and group with anywhere from one to four other players, either publicly or as a private team! When in a group of 4+ players, more enemies will appear and special group challenges in the form of enemies known as Titans can spawn!

New mechanics and mob types are present in Occult Defence in both single and multiplayer modes. This includes Arcane Singularities (Effigy W55), Sappers (Effigy E11), Titans (Effigy G55), the Cursed mutator and its spawns (Effigy S89), and the Pestilent Mutator.

  • Arcane Singularities (Effigy W55) are swirling orbs of arcane energies that spawn in packs and head toward the Hagstone. When defeated, they will become stationary and invulnerable where they were killed. At that point, they can be interacted with. Doing so will cause the Singularity to begin to cast a PBAoE of devastating damage to anything, be it effigy or agent, who stands within. Any Arcane Singularities caught within the blast of an exploding Singularity will themselves detonate. This can lead to a chain reaction. Singularities explode immediately upon reaching the Hagstone if not defeated in time.
  • Sappers (Effigy E11) will run to the Hagstone and place mines. Their attention must be gained before they can do so and they must be properly dealt with. Their mines are capable of hurting themselves if they are caught in it.
  • Cursed is a mutator that causes Cursed mobs (Effigy S89) to appear when the mob Mutated with Cursed is killed.
  • Pestilent is a mutator that causes mobs Mutated with it to have a chance on attack to afflict its target with the Pestilence debuff, which deals damage over time, reduces healing received, and has a chance to spread to nearby players.
  • Titans (Effigy G55) are special, strong enemies that may appear in Occult Defence scenarios only when there are AT LEAST 4 players. Each wave type has its own unique Titan with drastically different mechanics. These are a new priority for groups to deal with.

In addition, the density and intensity of enemies increases the more players are in the Occult Defence scenario. This includes a greater number of Swarm enemies, more Commanders and Mortars, and simply more portals for more enemies to appear from.

Keep watch for the latest new Signet, Signet of the Nemain, which only drops in Occult Defence! This wrist signet increases the number of enemies your area abilities can hit while also increasing the damage of these abilities.

On top of all of that, Agent Gear Bags containing Mythic and Legendary quality Agent Gear can now be purchased from the Shadow Trafficker in Agartha for HexCoins. For more information on the Agent Network, the Agent Network Master Guide is always up-to-date!

To see more of what Funcom says about the update, check out the official Group Stonehenge announcement and the Version 2.3.1 Patch Notes!

An in-depth Occult Defence Overview filled with mechanics and tactics is coming soon!

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