Valentine's Day 2024

Love is very real, you'll find, and Gaia loves Her sweetlings deeply. Experience the Secret World Legends Valentine's Day festivities and Rosenbrawl Open Week starting 13 February 2024 at 9:00 AM EST (14:00 UTC) and lasting all the way through the month of February 2024!

A plethora of pink Cosmetics and potent Power Items have been discounted for the duration of the Valentine's Day event! Many of the cosmetics being discounted have never before been discounted - including every single version of the Kissing With Teeth clothing set! Take heart and witness all items in the sale! All sweetlings are pretty in pink.

Throughout Secret World Legends' Valentine's Day event, players can purchase a series of seasonally appropriate cosmetics directly from the Dressing Room and Pets and Sprints Inventories as marked in the Dressing Room UI with a big red heart icon! In addition, the Tree Tender by the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (560,180) sells seasonally exclusive items for Third Age Fragments! The Tree Tender offers items such as the consumable effect item Rose Rain which gives a lovely aura of rose petals, the seasonally exclusive Valentine's Scooter mount sprint, and Bags of Saint Valentinus -- but only while the Valentine's Event is active!

A Bag of Saint Valentinus will gift the user and up to 10 surrounding players within 20 metres with unique Valentine goodies when used. Using your very first Bag of Saint Valentinus grants you the title "Cupid's Accomplice"! Those struck for the first time by another person's Bag will gain the appropriately named title, "Love Struck". Be sure to cuddle close to your fellow bees when opening these bags!

The Rosenbrawl Open Week occurs during the Valentine's Day Event. All players Level 15 and above who log in during the event will receive an invite to the secretive fight club known as the Rosenbrawl! This will unlock the attunement mission "The Rosenbrawl", which allows permanent access to the Rosenbrawl upon its completion! Once inside the Rosenbrawl, sweetlings can flex their mind and stretch their wings through a special mission chain beginning with the Investigation Mission "A Match Made in Rosenbrawl" at the SOULMATE Arcade Machine (180,315). A Match Made in Rosenbrawl ultimately leads to a repeatable and unique boss encounter in the form of "A Friendly Competition". Not only that, but they reward the only stat-buffing food item in Secret World Legends: Romantic Cake!

The special encounter in "A Friendly Competition" rewards a major loot chest every 8 hours. Chests opened while on cooldown for the loot will award a reduced amount of loot; however, they require no keys and can be opened as often as desired. The behavior of this special chest is the very same as that of a raid reward chest. Prepare for the deluge of distillates and go out there and fight! No matter what, there will always be Romantic Cake!

We've updated the mission guides for "A Match Made in Rosenbrawl", "Matched", and "A Friendly Competition" to adhere to our latest mission guide format containing mission and task descriptions! Please let us know what you think!

Gaia's love is a force to be reckoned with, so stay tuned, sweetlings, for more information!

Let us show you the delights and sights of Valentine's Day and the Rosenbrawl Open Week with our lovingly-crafted Valentine's Day Event Guide! Stretch your investigative wings and prove love real!

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