Dreaming of Tomorrow

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A Waking Dream A Waking Dream (Start)

Tier 1

Objective: Walk towards the Dream Architect

"Come closer, child."
- Dream Architect

Approach the woman in white standing across from you in the doorway. Use the W,A,S,D keys to move.

Note: This guide is missing a few screenshots due to an issue with the shots in question. They will be added shortly after Head Start!

Objective: Obtain and complete Action Mission

"The world trembles. You must learn or be swept away."
- Dream Architect

Move your mouse to hover the reticle over the Dream Architect. Press 'F' to view the Action Mission "The Dead Rise" and then click on the mission to accept it. Complete the objectives of the mission to move forward.

A walkthrough for The Dead Rise can be found here.

Objective: Press the "Send Report" button and open Starter Talisman Bag from Inventory

Press 'Ctrl+R' to Send the Mission Report and claim your reward.

Once the Mission Report window has appeared, press the 'Collect' button to retrieve your reward.

Once you have collected your reward, go to your Inventory and right-click the Starter Talisman Bag.

Objective: Equip your new Talisman item from your inventory

Right-click the Talisman you received from the Starter Talisman Bag to equip it.

Objective: Pull the lever to move deeper into the dream

Pull the now fixed lever now that the Revenant isn't there anymore to keep you from doing so.

Objective: Jump down and dive deeper into the dream

"Make the right choices."
- Dream Architect

"Make the right chocies."
- Nephilim

Do it. Jump down into the inky abyss.

Tier 2

Objective: Obtain and complete Investigation Mission

"Fighting eternal darkness is a fool's errand. Wisdom is the light that drives the darkness away."
- Dream Architect

Pick up the Investigation Mission, "Pyramid Schemes", and complete its objectives.

A walkthrough for Pyramid Schemes can be found here.

Tier 3

Objective: Move towards the Dream Architect

Approach the Dream Architect once more.

Objective: Obtain and complete Sabotage mission

"They are the cats prowling at the walls of reality. You are the mouse. It is best to remain unseen."
- Dream Architect

Take the mission, "Blood-Starved Beasts" from the Dream Architect and complete it.

A walkthrough for Blood-Starved Beasts can be found here.

Tier 4

Objective: Press the "Send Report" button and open Starter Talisman Bag from Inventory

"Talismans can protect you, strengthen you and focus you. But they cannot save you. Nothing can save you. But the choice will set you free, one way or another."
- Dream Architect

Once more, press 'Ctrl+R' to send the mission report. Click the 'COLLECT' button to retrieve your reward and then right-click the bag from your inventory.

Objective: Press (i) to open your Inventory. Equip your new talisman by right-clicking it

Press 'I' to open the Inventory. From there, right-click the talisman to equip it as you had done before.

Objective: Meet up with other Secret Worlders and investigate Times Square

Enter the strange portal to Times Square, where something is amiss.

Objective: Engage the creature rising out of the sewers

Join the others in battle and attack the eldritch abomination.

Objective: Survive the battle with The Unutterable Lurker

Survive, fighting alongside the Secret Worlders against the beast known only as the Unutterable Lurker.

Doing so for long enough will complete this mission and initiate a cinematic.

"Be mindful of the voices. They corrupt."
- Dream Architect

"Be mindful of the voices that whisper, for they speak the truth."
- Nephilim

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