Envoys of Avalon Autumnal Equinox 2021

Autumn approaches - the equinox falls near - and so too do the Envoys of Avalon. The enigmatic Envoys make their appearance in Agartha. From 17 September 2021 through 30 September 2021 and all the way up until 1 October 2021 at 9 AM EDT, the Druids of Avalon will be seeking the aid of those Secret Worlders who wander the World Tree's thoroughfares.

Their main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, stands tall by the Seed of Life within the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (565,190) in search of those willing sweetlings. Speak to him to begin.

As hot girl summer wanes, so rises the autumn of cryptid cuties. The Equinox is once again upon us, and the Druids of Avalon make their bi-yearly appearance in Agartha to mark the occasion!

The Druids have bring with them all content from prior equinoxes, including 14 days' worth of Equinox Daily Login Rewards. The 2021 Autumnal Equinox is the first Autumnal Equinox in Secret World Legends to have Seasonal Daily Login Rewards. Before now, only the 2020 and 2021 Vernal Equinoxes had them. 2021 Autumnal Equinox Daily Login Rewards were available starting on 16 September 2021 ahead of the Envoys themselves and are expected to end 14 days later on the 29th as a result. These seasonal login rewards include items such as Dense Stabilizing Tachyons, Synergizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+50%), Signet Fusion Catalyst, Weapon Fusion Catalyst, and the Equinox exclusive Agent Dossier: Diviciacus!

Anyone who has Diviciacus' Agent Dossier from the 2020 or 2021 Vernal Equinoxes will instead receive the Special Agent Dossier: Diviciacus instead of Agent Dossier: Diviciacus. This is only the second chance players have had to get this special Agent Dossier. Be sure to pick it up! Those who already have both forms of Diviciacus' Dossier will instead receive a very heft sum of Anima Shards in his place.

In addition to the opportunity to drown in a deluge of distillates from Occult Defence Scenarios, there here are plenty of exclusives to pick up while the Envoys are around. In addition to exclusive titles, there's a four-piece clothing set: the Attire of Avalon. The Attire of Avalon can be earned through the Envoys of Avalon Achievement, "The Once and Far Future King" for completing 100 waves of Occult Defence Scenarios during the event or can be purchased for Aurum from the Envoy of Avalon Quartermaster by Fearghas Abernathy. If you don't get all 100 waves, don't fret, sweetlings! All Envoys of Avalon Achievement progress carries over to subsequent Equinoxes.

Fearghas' missions, The Equinox and The Equinox - Further Testing, reward Spoils of the Equinox, which can contain any number of coveted items such as a sprint exclusive to the event: Arcane Gravity or the rare opportunity to acquire Special Agent Dossier: Fearghas Abernathy without having to complete the Achievements, "Ally of Avalon" and "Living in a Game"!

As with all seasonal events, there's a Legend to learn. The Druids of Avalon Legend is only available while the Envoys of Avalon are in Agartha for the equinox. They flow so sweet, so don't miss out - taste and see!

Throughout their time in Agartha, the Druids also bring sales! Distillate Shifters, Druid Agent Boosters, Catalysts, Ability/Skill Points, and a slew of cute cosmetics are on sale for the entire time the Envoys are in Agartha for the Autumnal Equinox of 2021. Curious sweetlings can check out the Envoys of Avalon Autumnal Equinox 2021 Sale for more information and to see everything discounted.

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