Winter Holidays 2023

Agartha is aglow with snow in Secret World Legends! The Winter Holidays began today, 2023 December 15, at 09:00 AM EST (14:00 UTC)! Tackle balefully befuddling bounties, kick Krampus himself until he goes running back to Hel, and weather Her infernal blizzards in the returning Winter Holidays content for 2023!

Even the World Tree itself has been dutifully decorated and dressed with spirited glee!

The winds wail of winter sales soon to come.

The Winter Holidays contain all prior Winter celebrations' content in Secret World Legends: Face the Norse goddess Hel and her wayward son Krampus in Niflheim by Feeding Hunger With Famine - Normal and Feeding Hunger With Famine - Nightmare, the Krampusnacht 2017 Legend, Krampus himself stampeding throughout all Adventure Zones minus Kaidan and New Dawn, and even a Helish incursion into Agartha in the form of the chilling Mother of a Season hourly boss in the Steps to Niflheim every two minutes past the hour in Agartha (550,250). Puzzle out the perplexingly pesky Phoenician problems with the incredible Investigation Mission Fog and Mirrors by first picking up the Bounty: Winter Holidays Champions that has been posted at the Paragon Activity Boards in Agartha within (585,150) and outside (535,225) the Hollowed Halls by your Faction Handler for bounties on elusive Champions for rewards. In addition, there is the return of Agartha's festive flare and seasonal cosmetics sold solely during the Winter Holidays!

Seasonal Daily Login Rewards for the Winter Holidays for 2023 begin December 15th. The Winter Holidays Daily Login Rewards run through 2024 January 04 and end when daily login rewards reset the following morning. Daily Login Rewards for the Winter Holidays are claimable on every character on an account once per day. Multiple imbuers await bees who partake!

The Winter Cache's long sabbatical is over! The Winter Cache has finally returned to us as of 15 December 2023 at 09:00 AM EST (14:00 UTC) and is now dropping throughout Secret World Legends! This is the first time the Winter Cache has appeared since 04 January 2022 when it stopped dropping at the end of the 2021 Winter Holidays. The Winter Cache wasn't available during the 2022 Winter Holidays, as the Haunted Cache haunted Gaia for an extended period of time after Samhain 2022! See what lies behind its frosty facade here!

Don’t let Hel stop you from enjoying the weather, sweetlings! Light the way with our up-to-date Winter Holidays Event Guide!

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